Tom Aveling

Tom Aveling

Hi, I’m Tom

- I've been working in superyacht industry since 2005 starting out as a clueless kiwi and going on to command some incredible yachts.

My career started on the 3 masted schooner Aquarius W and has put me on some of the most prestigious yachts on the water today all over the world. This an industry I am proud to have been a part of over the last decade.

I am still working on yachts and do relief Captain and Chief Officer work worldwide holding a Master of Yachts 3000GT COC. The incredible destinations, amazing experiences and fantastic friends I have made along the way are just some of the many things that keep me here. They also keep me through the tough times on the yachts that only we ‘yachties' can really understand.

If you have a great crew you can get through any long charter, rough crossing or draining season. When the crew on a yacht works well together, they are happier. Usually, they stay on board longer, which creates a healthier, safer work environment.

I helped create YOA from a desire not only to make it easier to find the best crew for my yacht, but also to enable potential candidates to choose the right yacht for themselves. Choosing the wrong yacht, or the wrong crew member, does nothing but cost everyone time, money and frustration. We want to help avoid this.

It is my hope that YOA will change the way yachts are crewed in an honest and open environment.

Enjoy it!