Chef / Stewardess (Trinidad and Tobago)

A note from us...

A bit of background on the boat and job, we are based in the British Virgin Islands and we do week long charters mainly in the BVI but through out the Caribbean. We host up to 6 guests. The boat is by no means a super yacht, she is a beautiful 55ft sailing boat. A really fast and comfortable sailing yacht.

The boat has a great reputation with the yacht brokers and thus a pretty full calendar ahead (which is great for tips ;)) People book the boat to sail and to go on an adventure. That's where we come in. It's not your typical super yacht formal set up, it’s a much more relaxed vibe. We are in constant interaction with the guest. We sometime eat with them, always swimming and taking them around snorkeling the different reefs and sometimes dive trips. So you could say we act as kind of “tour guides" thru their experience. 9/10 guests leave being good friends. The role is primarily a position for a chef to cook for the guest while onboard. Secondly a stew to prep the interior and cabins before charters. We do lots of sailing and you will need to help out on deck and sailing the boat. Having said all this we try keep the standards of a super yacht in terms of food and experience. Obviously when we not on charter we can use the boat as we please and sail around and explore... Currently we have 10 charters booked with a few in the works. I need someone to fill the position and meet me in Trinidad on the 15th-20th of October.

Please contact if you would like further information.

Chef / Stewardess (#485)



Job Details

Job Start Location
Trinidad and Tobago
Job Type
Job ID
Cabin Type
Shared (mixed)
Minimum Yachting Experience
Gender Required
Start Date
24 Oct 2019

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