Doing things better

We are yachties like you. Our team has worked all over the world on some of the most prestigious superyachts. We understand your frustrations when it comes to finding crew and jobs.

The industry previously known as Yachting has evolved into Super yachting, Mega yachting and now incredibly Giga yachting. We believe that recruiting and traditional ways of thinking about how to place crew and find work on these yachts needs to follow suit.

We've listened, and continue to listen, to you, countless colleagues and friends about what you think would make finding crew and work more efficient, enjoyable and cost effective today.

The relationships we build with one another during the time spent in this wonderful, sometimes crazy industry is what binds us. YOA has over 6000 yacht profiles which you link to your account and insert the time period you spent on board. These friends and colleagues who worked on these yachts at the same time become our connections, who are then linked to our previous yachting experiences automatically through the site. It creates a unique referencing system and allows both employers and us to expand on the referees we usually have on our CVs. YOA gives us another way to stay in touch with our friends using today’s social networking platforms. Connect to Facebook, Instagram and YouTube feeds on YOA.

Great things about YOA

  • Full support. YOA is not a faceless website. The YOA Team is on standby for all support and guidance.
  • We take your privacy seriously. We do not share any sensitive information and you can be completely hidden at all times if required.
  • YOA is an MLC approved recruitment platform.
  • Help us help support those in need. We donate a percentage of all subscriptions to the great team at YachtAid Global.

Check out more great benefits for crew finding work and individuals finding new crew

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